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Rottnest Day Cruises

If you decide to join us on a trip to Rottnest Island, you'll be treated to a pleasant, hour-long crossing from the mainland to this picturesque jewel in WA's crown. Once we've arrived at Rottnest then you're day really picks up as the beauty of the island is best seen from a sea vantage. We'll cruise to a quiet, calm spot around the island, drop anchor in a bay and allow you to swim in the clear, blue waters that surround Rottnest. If you wish to go ashore and explore the beaches and Rottnest's beautiful landscape then we can arrange for coastal drop-offs using either our dedicated landing dinghy or the jetty. If you choose to stay aboard the vessel then all your needs are met by our extensive range of facilities, including BBQs, ice boxes, washrooms, showers and stereo systems. Whatever you need to make your day special can be arranged. Enjoy Rottnest as it should be enjoyed; from the sea, with Swan River Boat Charters.

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