1) Barrack Street

map_barrack.jpgEasy to find. Just head for the glass bell tower! Barrack Street is the busiest jetty in Perth, being home to many tourist vessels and ferries (as well as the odd pub). Parking is bad, so don't expect to find a free spot unless you turn up after midnight. A bus, taxi or a good friend is highly advised for pick-ups and drop-offs.

Directions: The Barrack Street Jetty area is a one-way system shaped a bit like a horse-shoe. Look out for 'Pier 1' to your left as you approach the water. It's just beyond the Lucky Shag pub.


2) Jo Jo's Jetty Nedlands

map_jojo.jpgAlso known as the Nedlands Pier and once home to The Nedlands Baths, Jojo's is now more well known for the Cafe of the same name that resides on the end of the Jetty. This Nedlands area has ample parking and plenty of open grren spaces. You'll find it directly at the end of Broadway.

Directions: If you are coming from Perth city on Stirling Highway, you need to take a right hand turn onto Broadwayitself (just after passing The University of Western Australia). Follow Broadway to the very end. You will find parkign and the jetty directly in front of you. There is plenty of parking for those coming by car.


3) East Street

map_leftbank.jpgThe East Street Jetty in North Fremantle is the most popular departure point for all Swan River boat cruises. It is located directly in front of the Beach Street Café and about 500 meters before the Left Bank Pub (not in front of it!).

Directions: If you are coming from Perth city on Canning Highway, you need to take a right hand turn onto East Street itself (just before you reach the Stirling Bridge). Go 50 meters down the hill to the river and then take a left. The East Street Jetty is about 50 meters further on your right hand side. There is plenty of parking for those coming by car.


4) Sardine Jetty

map_joes.jpgThis is the hub of all activity for Rottnest Island boat charters. They almost always depart from the Sardine Jetty, based in Fishing Boat Harbour, Fremantle. Now that's the good news.  The bad news is that there's absolutely no sign saying "Sardine Jetty", so once again, Swan River Boat Charters is here to help.

Directions: For those who know Fremantle well, head as if you're going to Little Creatures or Cicerellos. As you leave the town, turn right off South Terrace Road, cross the railway line and take a right onto Mews Road. Immediately (and we mean 20-metres-later-immediately), take a left into the public parking lot. There are a couple of rusty anchors on the ground marking the entrance. Believe it or not, the jetty is by the small hut right in front of you, on the waters edge.  Note: if you get to Little Creatures, you've gone too far.